See ya in six months

It’ll be a year tomorrow since the last time I’ve written. And why? Well, because there’s been nothing to write about! And no news is good news, so they say, and in this case, they would be right.

I had an appointment with my gastro doc last week, which┬áI continue to do every six months. My last few appointments have gone basically the same: she says hello, how are you? I say good, and how are you? She says fine and asks what medications I’m taking. I say Imuran, two pills a day, however many milligrams that works out to, and a multivitamin. She asks how my bowel movements have been. I say typically 0-2 every day. She asks if they’re well-formed or loose, and I say they’re good, and I forget that I had a few loose ones last week, but whatever. She asks if I have any joint problems. I say no, not that I can think of. She asks if I’m seeing a bone doctor, and I say yeah, I have an appointment with him in like a year or two. She asks if I’m taking anything for my bones, and I say no, I was taking calcium, but the bone doc said I get enough calcium in my diet so I shouldn’t take the pills. She looks at my blood work, which I go for every three months. She says the numbers are good and asks if I need a new requisition. She asks if I need any refills on my prescriptions. I say nope, and I’ll give them a call if I do need them. She says great, any questions, anything bothering me? I say nope. She says I’ll see you in six months, and I say thanks, see ya.

So yeah, that’s about it. All has been good, and I don’t particularly like writing here just to say that, since I don’t want to jinx anything.