Today is the greatest

I went to the gastro doctor yesterday for a follow-up on my colonoscopy. The secretary didn’t even recognize me — that’s how much better I was looking. Last week, a girl in my class mentioned that I looked nice. I thought maybe it was because I decided to wear eyeliner (and boy, must that have been magic eyeliner if strangers were complimenting me), but then my mom pointed out that I’ve been putting on weight and I’m not so pale any more. In fact, I was in the triple digits at the beginning of the month. I’ve seen I think 106 pounds once? Pretty awesome.

Anyway, the doctor said I was looking great, “pink”. Big difference from last time, when he told me I “look[ed] like hell”. He also weighed me and said I’d put on ten pounds in two months, and at this rate, I’ll be a “porker!” For me, that’s a compliment. (Of course, once I’m in the “normal” range and not still classified as underweight, I’ll stop eating so much junk).

So, he tells me, after looking at my test results, “We have a problem.”

Oh… shit.

Alright, I tell myself. It’s cancer. Colon cancer. Alright. Cancer. Okay.

He tells me I do indeed have Crohn’s, but it’s very mild. He says he doesn’t know if he should treat me or not because, “It’s hard to make a well person better.”

…that’s it? That’s the problem?! Well, heck yeah! Phew!

He ended up giving me this stuff called 5-ASA that he said is like Aspirin for the bowels. It’s a very mild drug for inflammation, the entry-level sort of thing. There’s no point in putting me on something “heavier” unless it starts acting up, especially since more serious drugs can have all kinds of side effects.

So that went quite well.